Those who love nature and the great outdoors have come to the right place in my house! The cottage itself is situated in a rugged, old garden, on a large green plot. This green plot in turn lies between the meadows of the beautiful Normandy countryside. The garden immediately around the house is full of roses, rhododendrons and blackberry bushes.natuurhuisjenormandieFeel free to pick the fruits of the cherry, apple and plum trees, or pick up walnuts and hazelnuts. Hares are hiding among the blackberry bushes and so-called Chevreuils can be seen: little deer with pointed horns. Birds like to use the garden with all its trees as a shelter and there are also many wild boars and foxes here. The 8000 m2 plot is beautifully surrounded by so-called "taluds". Partitions of earth with trees for the necessary shade and shelter. The entire private area is at your disposal and it is nice to stroll around a bit and look for fruits and nuts.

huisjeindenatuurnormandie If you want to go further, walk directly onto the country lanes from the green driveway. The area is characterized by hills, forests and meadows with corn and grain. Walking and cycling here is nice because it is very quiet and the roads lead past charming villages. Close by is the Parc Naturel RĂ©gional Normandie-Maine with half a million hectares of nature reserve, hiking trails, waterfalls and "gorges".

To the west you come to the beach, you can waddle in the bay of Mont Saint Michel and along the vast Normandy coast are very many beautiful nature spots to be found: high cliffs, natural harbors and nature reserves. It is also possible to go on a day trip to one of the many islands off the coast of Normandy: the famous Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey or the beautiful Chausey which is 15 km off the coast of Granville. You can go here for a day with both new and traditional boats. Check out this website for more information:

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