Normandy! For centuries the scene of Vikings, knights, kings kastelen Normandieand castles. The famous Saint Mont Michel is close by and a visit to this romantic medieval town on its island in the bay is a must. Also in nearby Caen and Avranches are old castles, churches, monasteries and cathedrals. Or drive to Bayeux: with the famous tapistry that depicts the Battle of Hastings, or the beautiful medieval towns of Vitré and Rennes, where the dukes of France and England fought 2000 years. You stumble across the sights in Normandy and also the villages within walking and cycling distance of my farm are charming with their old houses, churches and mansions.

uit eten NormandieDuring these trips you will of course enjoy the world famous Norman "cuisine": the Camembert was invented here and the Normans love their Calvados, an apple cider that tastes great with the Camembert. Normandy is also known for its oysters and mussels (à la crème). Even the simplest restaurant in Normandy already meets the high French standards, so even if you just order a pizza or a "plat du jour".

huisje omahabeachNormandy is also the place where the Allied troops landed in 1944. Combine your visit to Caen Castle with the D-day memorial museum or take a look yourself at the Omaha D-Day beaches and the Omaha Landing Beach museum. In Bayeaux is the "Bayeux Memorial Museum of the Battle of Normandy" and that can be combined with a visit to the tapistry. But even without going to the museum you will see the traces in Normandy that the 2nd World War left behind. Everywhere are monuments and cemeteries that can be visited where you can take a moment to reflect on what has happened here.

As you can see, many places of interest are found within walking and cycling distance, as well as by car,normandiebezienswaardigheden but don't forget that my charming little farmhouse dates back to 1859 and is a monument in itself! Celebrate your holiday in a 150-year-old house with weathered brown beams, stone walls and a huge fireplace and chimney. The old house breathes the past. For example, 50 years ago a family of 9 (!) Children lived in the house who, according to tradition, were so poor that they did not even have money for clothes and thus walked around the house barefoot. In the end, the pastor took care of the family and some of these children are still alive and even very wealthy. The old well is a reminder of this time. In short: you don't even have to drive down the driveway for history!
Memorial Museum Omaha Beach

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