Normandy is of course known for its vast beaches . Almost the entire coastline consists of beaches: romantic beaches that lie between cliffs, busy beaches where you can sunbathe with restaurants and bars along the beach, quiet beaches where you are alone even in the summer, but also the famous beach in the bay of Mont Saint Michel, where you can walk with a view of this famous landmark. In short, Normandy is a wonderful place for a beach holiday.

The nearest seaside resort from my cottage is goedkoop huisje normandie Jullouville with its mild climate and very wide sandy beach of 2.5 kilometers where you can sunbathe. There is a section that is pleasantly busy and a section where there is plenty of rest. In the summer, Jullouville is the right place for a wonderful beach day, and in the evening it is full of cozy (pancake) restaurants, bars and music on the street. It is also possible to (kite) surf and sail here. Not only in the summer but also in the other seasons it is nice to get a breath of fresh air on this beach.

huisje saint mont michel Above Joullouville you will find Granville, a very famous seaside resort that is particularly known for its historic center and bathhouses. Below Joullouville you can find beaches where it is very quiet, for example at Saint-Jean-le-Thomas and further up to the bay of Mont Saint Michel. Walks along the beach can be made here. If you really want to go far into the bay, a walk with a guide can be made. The area here is beautiful with Mont St. Michel in the background.

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